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Boho Chic pants with leg Campana Ancha



These cool boho chic baggy pants color and shapes combine to give you a look all crazy that will surprise.

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Not only sober looks you live. Thanks to this boho chic pants you can highlight your other garments and give them a wilder look and crazy.

This pant is made in one piece cotton linen and polyester. In this way, You can always keep your legs fresh thanks to its high breathability while protecting your skin softness. In addition to its high resistance it will allow us to take all the time we want without problems. Thanks to its beautiful print and hood ultra wide leg, these pants will give you a different look and more hippie. In addition, Once you put yourself, will give you a lengthening effect, which will make you seem higher.

The hippie era has become the chic boho

Thanks to its messages of peace and love, along with their rebellion, the hippie épcoa is back again here. We also wish you peace and love with this wonderful boho chic pants.

Check what the pant size that best suits you

Leaves everyone with his mouth open thanks to your boho chic pants


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