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Pack Red String Bracelets Dedicadas


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Surprise everyone with this fabulous pack. Each red string bracelet will help you express your love for life and art.

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Sometimes it expresses what we feel is difficult. Thanks to this pack 3 bracelets, You can show everyone your love for life and art of music. Each bracelet is finely created to carry pudas smoothly while fantastic lights. Use every red string bracelet separately or board the 3 and you carry them with you always.

What is the pack?

This pack includes a wristband bracelets with the symbol of infinity, a bracelet with a heart and a bracelet with a musical key. Each of them carries zircons crimped on its surface. So obtinenes a must to use gem when not know what to wear to go out accesrios.

Each is a unique work which by bringing together the three can create a fusion of styles. In this way, everyone who sees them together will soprendido.

Feel happy with our collection dedicated red string bracelet


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