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DEDICATED Bracelet Pack Butterfly and Love


We love nature, and in nature, one of the most beautiful animals is the butterfly. Its shape reborn and transformed is something that p e can all do with effort. That is why we bring this group of bracelets so you can always remember this truth.

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Life teaches us that rebirth is possible. The passage of the caterpillar to become a butterfly is the story of the rebirth of self.

This pack consists of three bracelets. The first of the bracelets is a beautiful butterfly with spread wings where they should be colored areas Butterfly, zircons are engarzadas. The second of the bracelets is the word love, zircons also crimped. Finally, We have a heart-shaped bracelet which is inscribed within the word love. The heart also has circonitas engarzadas.

The importance of rebirth in ourselves

Like butterflies, we can also reborn. Rebirth is not only changing our body, but also a change in the mentality and spirit. If we work hard and diligently, we can improve and eventually become the best version of ourselves.

Make your spirit reborn thanks to this pack of bracelets dedicated



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