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Monokini Boho Chic with waist Grid



Surprises everyone by showing your figure with this wonderful monokini with grid. No one can look away from you!

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The boho monokini are a great way to show your amazing figure. With its combination of swimsuit and bikini, You can show your belly and back, while you get a more exotic and sensual look.

This is made in polyester monokini, It is ideal for carrying for hours while enjoying, resting or having fun at the beach.

The arrival of the monokini

The monokini and trikini landed in the early 70 as a different way of carrying swimsuits. Many women wanted more free but without the bikini product and allow them tans. At the time of release came monokini. Once arrived, many haute couture designers decided to join creating impossible styles. Currently, with the arrival of boho chic fashion, the monokini include grid and precious fabrics trimmed with filmy look that will surprise you pleasantly. Join you too!

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Enjoy the beach thanks to your monokini boho

Everyone will be surprised to see you wear this swimsuit monokini

Shows your figure with this swimsuit monokini

Surprise everyone with your precious monokini boho


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