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Mini sleeveless dress with pleated skirt



If you need a mini dress all around, this is the ideal. With its graceful style, You can take it to any place or situation.

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This mini dress all around It has been designed and made so you can take it at any time and occasion. Whether for work, walking or partying, this dress you will be graceful and coquettish.

The mini dress has been made in polyester, spandex and cotton. Thanks to the union of the three fabrics, You will have a dress that perfectly fits your figure. In addition, thanks to its softness and strength, You can wear the dress whenever you want. This mini-neck dress carries a U and is sleeveless. Its pleated skirt is above the knee and is separated by a bodice embroidered band welted.

The boom of mini dresses

Mini dresses allow you to be chic while you show your figure. In addition, thanks to its manufacturing, many of them are very fresh, so they are highly recommended for hot days. Enjoy you also with your mini dress!

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