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Mini Evening Dress with steering wheel Chest



With our mini evening dress you can wear your figure and well surprise everyone at parties, events, etc.

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If you go out at night when you want to surprise, Do not hesitate. Thanks to our mini evening dress, you will become the center of attention wherever you go. With the, Everyone will find you irresistibly!

This short mini dress is made of polyester and cotton. In this way, you'll be partying for hours without feeling bad. Thanks to its high breathability, avoid the accumulation of sweat, thus avoiding problems.

How you will wear this mini evening dress me?

The dress has a slim fitting tank top with a band on his right side. Chest has a horizontal line flyer through your body. Similarly, the dress does not have any sleeves. In this way, will be uncovered your arms, shoulders and upper chest and back, thus highlighting your figure more.

Every time you go out with him, You become the queen of the place!

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Surprises with your figure thanks to mini evening dress

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