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Boho Mini Dress Pink Tank



Get outside and disfrutra as you walk and run with your friends with this graceful boho chic pink mini dress. You'll feel like a princess!

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Expand your wardrobe with this lovely boho chic mini dress. With it you can make your daily tasks, like going to work, to study, take a walk, hang out with your friends, etc, being at all times fab.

This mini dress is made in one piece from polyester and spandex. It has wide straps that attach to the back, with small holes that allow you breathability skin. The mini dress is finished in a skirt that reaches the thigh. On the sides of the skirt also it has the same small holes in the straps.

We surprised everyone with your dress

The simplicity of this dress has been designed so you can take it at the time that best wish. Whether day or night, any time is ideal for presumas with your precious mini dress. Póntelo and salt to take on the world!


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Leave surprised everyone with your precious mini dress boho


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