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Boho Chic Vintage Mini Dress with Volante



Give a retro look to your wardrobe with this mini dress boho chic vintage. With the, You surprised everyone.

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Let everyone set and center the look on you with this beautiful mini dress boho chic vintage.

How you have made this mini dress boho chic?

This dress is made of cotton and polyester. In this way, we get a very cool dress while tough to go with him during the day. Like this, on hot days, You can wear it for hours without problem. Its smooth cut is finished in lace trims, thus giving it a vintage touch to the dress. It has a horizontal cut chest with a wheel hanging it also forms the sleeve fall. In addition, the skirt is cut above the knee. Thanks to this set, You can show off your shoulders, arms, high back and calf while. In this way, When you decide to go for a walk, you'll be fresher.



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