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Boho Chic Black Mini Dress with floral pattern



Beautiful mini dress boho chic black with floral print, short on the sides and sleeves V neckline.

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This spring – summer, let the whole world impressed by your boho chic black mini dress with floral pattern. Nobody can look away from you when you go with this dress.

The dress is made in polyester and LANON. In this way, We have a very tough dress while very cool, ideal for those hot days. Like this, We can take all day as smoothly.

This dress has a wide neckline V. The sleeves are short with little drop and a short skirt that reaches the thigh. It also has a bow at the waist in order to adjust the dress to our liking.

Discover your style with boho chic fashion

Can that many may know by the abbreviation Boho Chic, but the fact is that the full name would Bohemian Chic. We can start by saying that this style is a mixture of two different styles: the bohemian and hippie. The first brings the romantic touch and vaporous look, while the second takes care of the flowers, tassels and accessories in her hair.

Chic Bohemian in style unlike the Vintage, It needs not be exclusive garments, or high level, even faces. It is a more affordable style in that sense, also incorporates the use of ethnicity accessories, multiple overlapping and complementing clothes costume with ornaments such as belts or bracelets large and as this trend the most appropriate footwear are the boots.

With all this, You can adapt your own style with boho chic fashion creating a unique way. In this way, you will see the world differently as everyone will be surprised with you. Discover the boho chic fashion!

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Leaves everyone speechless with your dress

Let the whole world impressed with your dress boho chic

Surprise everyone with your dress boho chic


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