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Boho Chic Mini Dress Long Sleeve with Ruffles



It surprised everyone you know with this chic boho maxi dress. His long sleeves will protect you fresh and cold.


Enjoy strolling through our mini dress boho chic. Thanks to this mini dress, you'll be fabulous whenever you leave home, getting a bohemian look. In addition, thanks to its long sleeves, as well as enhance your look, You can protect yourself from fresh.

This maxi dress is made of polyester, thus achieving a durable finish that we can take with us anywhere. The dress has a parallel section at the top with a small V-neck that can be adjusted thanks to its close ties. Vaporous has long sleeves to the wrists, and a mini skirt with a steering wheel at its end. In this way, we can show off our lovely legs.

Let your style tick trend

Boho chic fashion has come. Thanks to its fully freestyle, you can combine as you see fit your clothes and accessories to achieve an impossible look. Combine this with a mini dress high boots for sandals in autumn or in spring in order to attract all eyes, and a belt and a pendant.

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