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Boho Chic Mini Dress Lace Chest steering wheel



Create your own trend boho chic mini dress. With its steering wheel and lace you let everyone surprised.


Leaves everyone open-mouthed surprised by this wonderful mini dress boho chic. Thanks to its beautiful lace and steering wheel, along with its refined style, You can use this mini dress for all kinds of parties, dating, galas, events, etc.

Making mini dress boho chic lace

This mini dress is made in one piece from polyester lace, Being well prepared so you can wear it for hours without problems or discomfort. The dress consists of a flywheel in the chest that also forms the sleeve fall. It has a parallel cut in the chest and a full cut back V. In this way, You can show your collarbone, big shoulders and back. The skirt is above the knee, thus allowing to display your precious calves. In addition, the lace trims give a more boho look.

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Surprises with your mini dress boho

Enjoy your mini dress boho chic


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