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Mini Dress Boho Chic Tassels & Suspenders



Let your style flow freely through this mini dress boho chic. Their fringe and tassels make you feel that you fly!

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Your body looks wonderful all year round thanks to this lovely boho chic mini dress. Thanks to its amazing style with fringe and tassels, you'll look bohemian aspect. In this way, not only amaze friends and acquaintances, but you will make all eyes fall upon you.

How you are made this mini dress boho chic?

This mini dress is made in a single piece from cotton and polyester. Fixation dress is strapless and has a U-neck. In this way, We can take our shoulders and back al fresco, thus preventing us from building up sweat while we let the sun caress our skin. The dress is finished by fringed with tassels on the entire surface, along with two tassels larger chest. In this way, increases the bohemian style of this wonderful mini dress. The dress has a greater drop in skirt back go ahead.

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