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Mini Dress Boho Chic white patterned Black



Surprise everyone with this wonderful mini dress boho chic. The print on white background create a wonderful contrast between your skin and your mini dress.

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Just as people are formed by an opposed duality, this lovely boho chic mini dress gives you a lovely plant print black on a white background, thus giving a greater sense of contrast.

The mini dress is made in one piece from polyester and cotton. His style horizontal fastening allows you to display your shoulders, clavicle and high back. The sleeves are long and wide, reaching the wrists. You can also tie at the waist in order to limit ourselves more to our liking mini dress. Finally, It is finished in a short skirt remaining above the knee.

Discover boho chic effect on others

Boho chic clothes give us a different air. Thanks to its contrasts and visual enhancements, boho chic garments provide a high visual impact. Once you start to wear them, No one can look away!

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Surprises of your mini dress boho chic


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