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Mini Zen Garden with Meditant Ceramics



Get reach a state of peace and calm reflecting your body and spirit in this mini zen garden with statuette.

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Discover a new level of relaxation thanks to your mini zen garden. This type Gardens, They allow us to place the items and make drawings in the sand thanks to its rake. These drawings allow us to relax and reflect our inner soul. In this way, thanks to rake, we shape the garden and our soul.

This mini zen garden includes a figure of a meditator at its center. Whenever we see this figure, We also see in the figure itself. Like this, when we are meditating, looking figure, we can reach a deeper level of concentration.

The mini Zen garden is made of high quality resin environmentally friendly. The garden next to the figure have measures 12cm in diameter and 11.5cm high. With the, you can decorate any room in your home or your garden.

Using a Zen garden

To use our garden we must try to find a quiet place in which to place the garden and to contemplate, use it. A space can also decorate with elegance and spirituality that transmit zen gardens.

Once we have found we can put soothing music or enjoy the silence and harmony of the environment. We can also light candles or incense or use an evaporator of natural essences. There are very pleasant aromas that we can use.

First we put the sand in the container, then we place the stones. We can perform various compositions placing the stones in different positions until finding the one that we like.

Finally we draw in the sand, We can create straight lines, curves, Waves zigs-zags, deep or shallow lines. Ultimately create different landscapes, taking the time necessary just enjoying the moment, the tranquility and feelings create our own drawings in the sand. While raked sand we can use to get your mind and breathe deeply.

Model A

Get achieve peace through your mini zen garden

Create a haven of peace with your Zen garden

Create your own mini Zen garden at home

Model B

Discover peace and harmony with your mini zen garden

Let flow your mind as you meditate

Harmonizes your chakras meditating by your zen garden


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