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Mini Zen Garden of Yin and Yang with Meditant


Relax and let peace and tranquility reach your life every time you use your mini zen garden. With it you can focus and target your future.

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Due to the busy life of modern times, every time we get stressed more. We also have to constantly deal with anxiety and anger. That is why we must learn to unwind and relax. To do this we bring this little zen garden.

How can we use our zen garden

for generations, Eastern monks have used Zen gardens and paths to create forms using the rake and stones. In this way, when creating your sulci and gyri, We are also creating a path in our soul. Like this, when we change the Zen garden, We are also trying to change the soul.

Therefore we recommend that you place your mini zen garden in the place that need, whether at home to relax when you get, in the office to disconnect from work, etc. In this way, in your moments of stress and anxiety, You can look for your garden and relax.

Relax and let stress with this mini zen garden diluted





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