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Mini Buddha figure in Ceramics



Give a different touch to your home with a Buddhist decoration. Thanks to this Buddha figure will create a space of peace and calm.

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More and more people are aiming to have a Buddhist decoration in one of the rooms in your home. You can also do through this small figure of Buddha.

This figure is made Buddha ceramic and has a size of 8.5cm x 6cm. Thanks to this small size, You can put this little figure anywhere you want. So, you can take it with you to work to put it on your desk or office, place in the kitchen, under the TV, in the hall, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Each Buddha is made in a different color representing 3 different functions of thinking and meditating Buddha. Like this, You can place each in a different place or 3 together to liven up the room. Everyone who sees them will be surprised and amazed.

Buddhist decoration in modern homes

More and more people join the fashion of Buddhist decoration at home. This is because many of the Buddhist precepts can also be used in decorating. Like this, We have basic elements like simplicity and subtlety combined with minimalism. It also makes incapié in nature, so it is also compatible with decor more eco-nature. All this makes the Buddhist elements play an important part in the decoration and give a different and more oriental touch while I pure. Mysticism Buddha figure attached to these decorative currents create harmony confluency in housing.

The same, in workplaces where the decor often spend more unnoticed, the various decorative elements of Buddhism can make us create a distinct personal zone. Like this, although esteamos at work, our table will be a haven of peace and serenity amid chaos.

Create your area with Buddhist decoration thanks to this figure budae


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