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Portable Mini Dreamcatcher Minimalista



Enjoy anywhere with your dreamcatcher. Does not matter whether at home or travel esteas. With him will never be alone.

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If you are leaving a lot of traveling or you can not stop sleeping at home, Do not worry. With this portable mini dreamcatcher, You can take it with you everywhere without problems. Like this, esteas where esteas can enjoy free placid dreams nightmares.

The legend states that bad dreams the sun's rays are trapped in their nets and when morning comes and influence, bad dreams evaporate quedano for you only the good dreams.

Discover a new level of happiness while you sleep with this mini dreamcatcher

Catchers have been used since ancient times to protect the dreams of our loved ones.

The catcher has a tiny ring 3.5cm diameter with an account in its center. The bottom is finished in two small feathers joined by accounts, its total length being about 18cm of. In this way, you can always take it with you in your suitcase, Car, etc. This way you will always be with you.

Find out how to sleep more peacefully

Let the good dreams come into you

Takes you everywhere your dreamcatcher

Get placid dreams

Find out how to sleep more peacefully with your dreamcatcher


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