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Mini Dreamcatcher Minimalista with tree


This minimalist keychain with a dreamcatcher with hanging tree is the perfect accessory to carry your keys and not lose them.

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This minimalist mini Dreamcatcher is your ideal for any travel companion. Thanks to its small size you can carry with you everywhere. You can put it in a backpack, a suitcase, next to your keys, in your wallet. No matter where you go because you can go around the world next to you.

This minimalist atrapasueños has at its center a hanging tree. Like this, It will help you connect more with nature.

Meaning the parties and structure of a dreamcatcher

Catchers have several parts that we discussed earlier. Now let's dig a little deeper

  • Circle the rim: It represents the cosmos, the 4 cardinal points and curative wheel. This makes the ring is divided into sectors which are distributed as follows: In northern air, south water, fire in eastern and western land.
  • Feathers: It is the main symbol of energy that has the dreamcatcher. They say it has the same filaments has the aura of a human being. Because of this, Shamans chose to filter the good dreams, using it as a catcher tattoo.
  • accounts, perforated beads or seeds: They are used to the taste of each person, They are the representation of individual power. The council is chosen according to the personality who uses.

Catchers to be hung on the ceiling of the room, next to the headboard. Thus contact with walls or objects that impede their freedom of movement is avoided. This way you make sure that the sun coming through the window enlighten.

Daylight is the only cleans and loads. These objects have to be in perfect condition, Failure to do so will not work. It is a magical element that helps us to have a good rest, absorbing the negativities of the environment, away evil spirits.

Enjoy and show your minimalist atrapasueños everyoneThis catchers can go with you wherever you go



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