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Sleeveless Maxi Dress Larteral Court in Falda



Add a touch of originality to your wardrobe with this maxi dress. Ideal to carry all day with you.

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Sometimes we want a dress rupturista, but not too much and that we can serve to wear anytime of the day. That is why we bring this fantastic maxi dress. Its classical style along with your details new They will give a touch of freshness in the design you want for yourself.

This maxi dress is made of polyester and spandex, adapting perfectly to your figure. The dress has a neck U, without any sleeves. In this way, you can have your hands in the air and move smoothly. The long skirt is above the ankles. It has a cut in the side, where you can show leg.

Use your maxi dress daily

This dress has been designed with the comfort. With its combination of fabrics and style, You can wear this maxi dress for hours without problems in your day to day.

Find out what is the right size for you

Surprises of this wonderful maxi dress

Get more casual look with this maxi dress

Surprise everyone with your maxi dress

Let everyone admire as you leave home

Go everywhere with your maxi dress and enjoy

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