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Minimalist Maxi Dress Lazo



This maxi dress is the ideal choice for the days where you do not want to highlight. Its minimalist style is easy to complement with your accessories.

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Sometimes, in certain events or times, no wish to highlight. Maybe it's when it comes to someone else's day, or simply want to do a daily task without any hassles. For those cases, we bring this minimalist maxi dress. With the, you'll be ready for any event or situation. Without complications.

A maxi dress for any occasion

This maxi dress is made in screen acetate, polyester and spandex. In this way, always you have on hand a fresh garment and very resistant. Also dress has long sleeves to toe, and a long skirt to the ankles. In addition, you can use a loop to tie it around your waist and so choose how best fits you.

Thanks to its style more loose than other maxi dresses, allows you thousand and one types of possible combinations. Whenever you need to be ready, this dress you will.

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