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Maxi Dress with Neckline Tie and Skirt Buttons



Get more sensual while chic look and a touch casual, with this maxi sundress with neck tie.

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Get out into the world and make beautiful memories! This beautiful maxi dress will allow you to be ready in a jiffy so you can leave home to world and amaze everyone! Thanks to its shocking style, everyone who sees you will be amazed. They shall not look away from you!

This maxi dress is made of polyester, cotton and linen. Thanks to the union of these 3 canvas, we find a very cool dress and high breathability. In this way, we can take it on hot days without problems. Moreover, the cotton and linen provide us with a high softness.

How this maxi dress fits me.

The dress features a V-neck is finished in a tie that you can adjust yourself. In addition, The skirt features button closure on the front. to hold on, dress has two straps thread end back. In this way, you can take both shoulders and arms free and air.

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