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Boho Chic Maxi Dress with straps to Topos



Give a twist to what you're used to seeing in your wardrobe with this gorgeous maxi dress boho chic.

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Gets all the attention thanks to this wonderful chic boho maxi dress. Once you put yourself, you will become the queen of the place.

Convection maxi dress boho chic topos

This maxi dress is made in one piece from this work, gas, polyester and spandex. In this way, You can feel fresh whenever you wear. In addition, thanks to the strength of polyester you can wear it all day without problems. Like this, You can wear it in any season.

The dress consists of two tie straps can adjust in order to bring more or less loose dress. Its V-neck both front and back, and their sleeves falls two thirds, let you show your shoulders, clavicle and upper back. Her chiffon skirt will make you feel like you're floating on air. The entire surface is covered with an embroidered polka dots, while the dress is finished with fringed lace.

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