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Boho Chic Maxi Dress with Skort



Enjoy walking or doing your daily tasks with this chic boho maxi dress. With him you will feel an incredible freedom of movement and comfort.

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In our daily life we ​​need to feel comfortable while performing all kinds of activities. Whether for work, go shopping, stay with our friends, go for a walk, etc, They are useless if we are annoying. To feel the comfort and freedom we bring this beautiful maxi dress boho chic.

This maxi dress is made on a 65% cotton and 35% polyester, thus providing the best of both fibers. In this way, we get a very soft and durable maxi dress featuring high breathability to prevent sweat from building up or we stick to the skin. In this way, we can feel fresh all day.

Clothing boho chic maxi dress

The dress is made of a single piece of straps V-neck, leaving the air our shoulders and arms. On the bottom, we have a wide and open skirt pants with which we feel comfortable while walking.

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Let you invade comfort thanks to boho chic maxi dress

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