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Boho Chic Maxi Dress with Lace Skirt Semitransparent



Surprise everyone with this gorgeous maxi dress boho chic. Your slides will draw out your beautiful figure.

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Let everyone stay amazed with your impressive figure. Thanks to this gorgeous maxi dress boho chic, you'll look amazing, whether for your day like going to work, study, etc, as well as special events such as festivals can be, appointments or birthdays.

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This dress consists of fastening straps with a V-neck. You are sleeveless with which you can show off your shoulders and arms smoothly. In addition, It consists of a long skirt to the calf. The dress is made of lace and also excelling cubiéndolo all lace leg. Like this, we can play with transparencies and let our thighs glimpse of creating a sexier look in our legs.

The dress is made of polyester and cotton. In this way, we combine the strength and comfort so you can go anywhere and always fabulous.

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