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Maxi Dress Boho Chic Stripes



Give a hippie and bohemian touch to your look with this fabulous chic boho maxi dress. Nobody will be indifferent!

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Surprise everyone with this maxi dress boho chic striped. This dress creates an optical effect of hippie aesthetic that will give a more lighthearted tone when you wear it.

This one piece maxi dress has a wide neckline and shoulders and V with short sleeve 1/4. The skirt is falling to the ankles, with openings at each side of the leg knee. On its surface it has a pattern with vertical and horizontal stripes of various colors crossing. Its high optical impact makes this dress a brilliant choice to impress people at first sight.

What is more ideal times a maxi dress boho hippie chic?

This type of dresses nonchalantly, They are ideal for your everyday life. Póntelo to go with your friends, go to the supermarket, go shopping, take a walk, etc. Any time is good to go with your maxi dress!

Check what is the maxi dress that best suits you


Model 001 Color Dark Green

We surprised everyone with your boho chic maxi dress


Model 002 Dark Blue

Leaves everyone amazed as you appear


Model 003 Purple color

Let your imagination fly with boho chic dresses


Model 004 Color Blue Sky

Maxi Dress Boho Chic hippie style


Model 005 Color Black

Boho Chic Maxi Dress Bohemian Style


Model 006 Color Burgundy

Everyone will be surprised to see


Model 007 Color Verde

Create trend with this dress


Model 008 Gray

Get surprise friends and acquaintances with this dress


Model 009 ocher ColorExpand your wardrobe with a hippie touch



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