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Boho Chic Maxi Dress with Front Cut in skirt and Lazo



Boho chic looks your maxi dress in any event and become the center of attention.

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This maxi dress boho chic is ideal to wear at night and galas, events, Parties, dating, etc. As you put it, You feel like this elegant maxi dress and you Acuna clothes thanks to its softness. This way you'll be wearing it all day without problems, always feeling fresh and soft.

How is this maxi dress made boho chic

This dress is made of polyester. Thanks to the strength properties of the polyester, You can wear it many times without problems. It presents a parallel cut in the chest with a flyer, and sleeves falls completely covering arm. The belt loop lets you adjust the maxi dress to your waist so that it can carry more clingy or looser depending prefer. The skirt is cut irregular, with a further fall in the rear than in the front, thus showing part of our legs.

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It unveiled a more bohemian look

Surprise everyone with your boho maxi dress

Boho chic maxi your dress is ideal for all kinds of parties and events


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