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Boho Chic Maxi Dress Buttons with Sunflowers Print



Be seen with a more natural and evocative print thanks to our maxi dress boho chic of sunflowers.

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Boho maxi dress this simple recreates the beautiful natural landscapes of sunflowers. Whenever you put it and get away with it, you feel the gentle embrace of nature with you.

Boho maxi dress takes your all day

Boho maxi dress is hehco so that you can wear all day without problems since. Thanks to its open-style skirt and simple fastening straps, They make it an easy dress to wear and very comfortable, Ideal for all occasions.

The maxi dress is made of polyester, covering half calf. Two straps (one on each side) cause you can show off your arms and shoulders. In this way, everyone can admire your beautiful figure. It carries on its surface a pattern of big sunflowers that all admire. Finally, the dress is finished buttons at the front.

Join the boho chic style and surprise everyone!

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Surprise everyone with your maxi dress boho chic

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Surprise everyone with your boho maxi dress

Thanks to your maxi dress boho chic, You will be the focus of all


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