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Boho Chic Maxi Dress with Embroidery Birds



Let your wonderful boho chic dress help you feel free as a bird soaring through the sky endless.

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Takes flight and feel free thanks to our lovely maxi dress boho chic. With the, you can feel liberated, like you surcaras the sky without anything or anyone could stop.

Enjoy anytime with your maxi dress boho chic

The maxi dress has a V-excote, with wide sleeves bat two-thirds. Waist, It has a cord loop with which we can adjust more or less the maxi dress according to our convenience. Her long skirt extends to the foot of vaporous form, giving a touch bride. The dress has buttons on the front that can fasten and unfasten to convenciencia. This way we can play with our skirt to take more open or closed and can choose between a more mysterious style or show off our wonderful legs.

The dress is made of soft cotton and rayon with beautiful embroidery covering its surface.

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