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Manta Yoga Vs.


Thanks to the yoga mat Vs you can make all your asanas smoothly while enjoying its soft touch.

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This yoga mat is ideal to surprise everyone this summer. With it you will be the center of attention anywhere you go.

The rug is made of flannel which gives a soft, silky feel. Like this, you'll be exercising without any discomfort on the skin while you do your asanas. In addition, its tough finish allows you to place it anywhere. It measures 130cm x 150cm.

The benefits of yoga blanket

Yoga rugs are an important element in your yoga practice: confer optimum protection your bones and joints and provide strength and stability to your Asana (yoga postures), especially in Iyengar Yoga. You can roll your yoga mat shaped bolster and use it in your chest opening exercises on the floor, or fold as a cushion for comfort and your shoulders or back in your inverted postures. Yoga rugs can also serve you as a yoga block softer. Also they give much play in the restorative yoga.

Yoga rugs are ideal, not only during your yoga practice, but at the end of your session. The part of the final relaxation, known as SAVASANA, it is essential to feel and integrate the benefits of yoga and to deeply relax all body parts. With yoga blanket, You can cover yourself during Savasana to feel comfortable and conserve body heat.

Thanks to all of its benefits, when you use your blanket, You can make the most of all your yoga sessions.

Looks radiant all the time while doing yoga thanks to our accessories such as our yoga blanket Vs. His unique style will make you stand over everyone.

Let yourself tucking the blanket yoga Vs



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