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Yoga blanket Grid



Yoga blanket will protect you and help you while doing your favorite asanas into your yoga sessions.

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Yoga rugs are a great companion for your yoga sessions. Thanks to its grid surface, This yoga mat is perfect for placing on the floor. This will give you a better grip without losing breathability, preventing sweat from building up. As a result, you can make your asanas perfectly smoothly and safely.

Yoga blanket is made of microfibers, increasing the breathability of the fabric. In addition, its lattice grid offers massage your body, so it is doubly beneficial.

The blanket has measures 70cm x 100cm and is prepared so you can use it in all your yoga sessions: Hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, iyengar, kundalini, Bikram, etc. Whatever your style of yoga, You can enjoy this fantastic manta.

Benefits of using a blanket yoga

Yoga blankets allow us endless uses. Thanks to that we can bend as prefer, we can perform exercises and asanas infitud. For example, we can use them on the floor to put us over our asanas and practice. We can also fold them and use them to help as if it were a block. Like this, We can adjust the height by performing the necessary folds.

Another way is to use the end of the sessions. We can cover ourselves with it to avoid rapid temperature change to finish making our asanas. Like this, avoid catching colds and flus being healthy longer.

Free your energy and try yoga. With it you can improve your performance and fitness while you relax and disconnect from stress and everyday worries. Like this, slowly and over time you'll be a new person in your life. Enjoy the most of your sessions, are at home, in the gym or outdoor free!

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