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Large Yoga blanket with Side Embroidery



This blanket yoga can help you in your exercises, either above it or position yourself as an accessory for your asanas.

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Yoga blankets c are a complement that can help you do your asanas. Use your yoga mat on the floor to perform your asanas anywhere, or fold it and thus enrróllala tiener a substitute block (brick), use support, support, etc.

This yoga blanket is made of polyester, thus giving resistance while softness. You can carry it around with you to any problems ejerciciosin. It measures 183cm x 61cm, so you can lie in it without space problems. In addition, its 4mm thick will provide warmth whenever you put it up.

Your yoga mat and you

Yoga rugs serve us well to do asanas almost anywhere, also we can help make our asanas.

Yoga blankets, folded, help cushion. If it has some stiff feet and ankles, it is advisable to kneel with his head on the blanket and feet falling on the floor. We recommend its use for practicing inverted asanas (sarvangasana), seated, bending the front, All supine. You can also use them for cover during the restorative asanas at the end of a session, so that neither cold nor air currents distract you. Like this, Also proteges you a flu or a cold.

Either stretched, folded or rolled, yoga blankets provide us with the additional contribution that sometimes we need. Thanks to that we can bend easily, It is easy to transport with us. You may take it with you in your backpack, bag, or hand, we can easily carry it always with us.

Make the most in your yoga sessions and feel good both inside and out. Thanks to the benefits of yoga, you'll feel better every day.

Enjoy yoga with our new blankets

Make your asanas seamlessly with yoga mats

Create your own style doing yoga with your blanket

Takes you everywhere your favorite blanket yoga Enjoys doing yoga and pilates thanks to your blanket



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