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Yoga blanket Fantasy



Fascinates everyone with this fantastic yoga blanket. With it you can easily make all your asanas.

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I Go everywhere with your yoga mat fantasy! With its colorful, You can make everyone notice you. This yoga mat is ideal for all kinds of exercises or asanas of yoga and pilates. Yoga blanket has a 173cm x 63cm measures.

Why is it good to use yoga mats?

After practice touches the final position, Savasana, where our whole body will relax. This is leading to lower our body temperature.

It is important during this asana try to concentrate on your breathing and let the thoughts. To this should be as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the yoga mat, we can have the warm body and having one less thing to worry the. In addition, to avoid sudden heat loss, we can prevent colds or flus fall into keeping healthy.

Another way to use blankets is to support Lloga, base, brick o bolster, using it in a way folded or rolled. The higher remaining blanket yoga, For example, if you wind, It provides more support in implementing the posture.

When more flexible you are, need less support and less need you will have to roll the blanket. It may be sufficient to bend. In addition, yoga blanket placed under the hip, between the thighs and buttocks, raises the fulcrum and allows you to open up your hips without forcing.

So long as you are a beginner or as someone who takes a while practicing yoga, you can benefit from a large number of modes. Whether funky, stretched or block, once you try it, will be your ideal partner yoga.

Let the fancy take you flying! Sea to the yoga to Pilates, Enjoy making your favorite asanas without any problems thanks to this wonderful blanket yoga.

Model 001

Lose yourself in the fantasy with this fantastic yoga blanket


Model 002Make your asanas smoothly thanks to this blanket yoga


Model 003Exercise without any hindrance with this blanket yoga


Model 004Enjoy the exercise libe air with this blanket yoga


Model 005Yoga blanket allow you to make endless yoga asanas

Do yoga smoothly thanks to our yoga blankets



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