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Key Lotus Buddhist and Yoga



No pierdas de vista tus llaves en nningún moomento a la vez que las mantienes ordenadas gracias a este llavero budista.

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Buddhism is a current that preaches peace and serenity. In the meantime, Yoga gives us peace and harmony through our exercises. With this keychain not only we combine the best of each world, but also it allows us to take our keys with no problems or discomfort. We can also put it in our pants, bags and wallets for a touch of style and originality.

Carry your keys forever without losing

This set of keychains consists of several parts, among which the lotus symbol. In Buddhism this is one of the most important icons symbolizing rebirth and self. Accompanying the lotus, we can see yoga-related items. In this way, we get unite both documents.

Thanks to this combination, every time you take your keys, everyone will be looking at your lovely keychain. You will be the center of attention!

Model 001

Surprise everyone with your Buddhist Key


Model 002

All will be surprised with the mixture of Buddhism and yoga this keychain



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