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Boho Chic Elephant Keychain, Borla and Natural Stone



Take your keys wherever you forever without losing thanks to this wonderful boho chic keychain with tassel, Elephant and natural stone.

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Do not miss anything when you leave home! Thanks to this lovely keychain boho chic, You can always take your keys with you, keeping them tidy. In this way, You can have them available whenever you do lack. In addition, with its bohemian style, you will achieve trendsetter and get your own style, walking away from the usual conventions.

Get a unique style that is just yours with this keychain

Boho chic fashion is on the cusp of many designers. Thanks to its junction with mixtures of bohemian styles, grunge, hippie, etc, everyone falls surrendered at his feet.

This keychain is also a combination of several styles. You can conjuntarlo with your own style or other boho chic accessories and clothing, denim, etc. No matter what style you choose, since you can get your own style with a couple of strokes and thus manage to be unique.

black model

Let all with his mouth open with this chic boho Key


model Blue

Indulge bohemian fashion and achieves a style


White model

This wonderful boho chic key astound your friends and acquaintances


Model blue and pink sky

Let yourself go with the boho chic fashion thanks to this lovely keychain


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