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Yoga and Pilates leggings with Psicodélica Watercolor



Enjoy and relax doing your asanas comfortably through these beautiful leggings yoga and pilates with psychedelic colors.

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Get that toned body that both want to thank our yoga and pilates leggings. You not only feel like a second skin covers you protect your legs comfortably, but they provide the necessary grip so you can make all your asanas perfectly and tautness.

Get that lean, toned body that you so deserve

These leggings are made of polyester and spandex. In this way, leggings will fit your figure. In addition, thanks to its high breathability, you will not have to worry about sweat buildup. In this way, you'll always fresh and you can perform all the asanas you set your mind without problems. They also have a great length so that you can use the end of Leggin heel and get an extra grip. Finally, the Leggin has a pattern on its surface random colors gives it a totally crazy.

Which is decided here that best suits you Leggin

Make your asanas smoothly with your yoga leggings

Do yoga and pilates smoothly thanks to these wonderful leggins

Creates a wilder look through these leggings

Make surprised everyone thanks to these leggings look yoga

Let everyone be surprised with your wonderful leggins


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