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Yoga leggings with drawing Loto



These beautiful yoga leggings carry a print simple lines that form a great artistic drawing. You will be leaving everyone speechless!

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Leaves everyone amazed with your new yoga leggings. These wonderful leggings worn on its surface a magnificent drawing of an open lotus made with strokes of various colors. The drawing and color mixture makes these leggings one must have in your closet. With them you will give a stroke of color and joy to life.

These leggings are made of spandex, cotton and polyester. His mix of fabrics make it more resistant than other models, so you can not just go with them to do yoga, You can also go out with them from home to go with your friends, Go shopping, Go for a walk, etc. Its soft texture fits your skin, helping to avoid orange peel thanks to its reducing action while exercising. In addition, its high breathability prevents the accumulation of sweat, so it is ideal for your most dynamic yoga sessions or for hot days. Thanks to all these benefits, every time you put yourself, You feel like a second skin settles on you to protect.

Let the whole world agape with these wonderful yoga leggings. Every time you do asanas everyone will notice you. Your yoga sessions will be more fun than ever. Become the center of attention around the world this summer!

The connection lotus in Buddhist mythology

The lotus flower is one of the most important flowers in Buddhist mythology. This flower symbolized the rebirth of a person. He could also symbolize the arrival of a meditator to a state of absolute wisdom and contemplation. In this way, in many representations shown Buddha on a lotus flower. In this way, This flower is revered by all.

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