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On lamp Touch and Moon Shape



Add a touch of different lighting your room style with this lamp shaped moon.

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The moon is always high in the sky accompanying Earth. Every night out and accompanies us all until the day comes and the sun rises. To avoid any be dark night, we bring you this lamp shaped moon. With its boho style deco, You can place it anywhere in the room, Banquet, etc, thus giving a twist. Moreover, its relaxing light will help you create a more romantic atmosphere. It also has white LED light so you can see whenever you need it.

This lamp is made by modeling and 3D printing with the relief of the moon. Its interior is an LED light 3 operating modes: Off, white light and yellow light. To switch from one mode to another, You just need to give a slight blow to its surface. Inside integrates a lithium ion battery that is recharged via USB cable connector on its base. By failing to be connected to the electrical power, you can take with you everywhere this fabulous lamp or place it anywhere you want in your home or work.

Give boho touch to your home deco

Flat, minimalist rooms are giving way to colorful and freedom of boho chic fashion. In this way, more and more people opt to choose less traditional decorations, combining nature, hippie fashion, bohemian and vintage style. That is why thanks to this lamp will achieve success without any problems. His style clearly differentiated, will provide a unique touch in the room where you decide to place. Flee from convencialismos and lose yourself in the boho deco! Every time you turn on the light in your room you'll notice how you invade romanticism and mysticism night!

Thanks to have your own boho deco moon lighting your room

Surprise everyone with your moon-shaped lamp

Creates a welcoming effect at home thanks to the moon-shaped lamp

Use your lamp shaped moon to see at night

You can install and charge your lamp to enjoy your own moonlight



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