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Lamp with Love Bouquet



Creating a pleasant surprise and romantic place anywhere where you esteas with this lamp with Love Bouquet.

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The bouquets are a way to declare our affection and love for our spouse. That is why we bring this timeless bouquet of flowers. Our lamp has a small bouquet of flowers with a rose in its center inside a glass cylinder closed so that the bouquet will be preserved forever. On top, has a small LED light will get a touch of color, where you put it. In this way, you'll get a warm place, romantic and cozy anywhere in your home, Office, etc.

Let the power of love into your life thanks to this precious lamp

Thanks to its unique style, You can use it as decoration during the day while when night comes you will achieve to have a soft light that will allow you to have a place so you can pick you both.

Surprise your partner with this romantic lamp


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