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Kimono Long Boho Chic with Floral Print



Protect your body and your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, the wind or cold thanks to this fabulous long kimono boho chic aesthetic.

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Discover the power of this long kimono. Thanks to its bohemian style with its beautiful floral pattern, Everyone will turn to look at you!

This kimono is made in polyester satin, thus providing a soft and silky touch while comfortable. Thanks to its long, You can cover from shoulder to calf. In addition, It has a cloth belt to close with a loop to your liking.

When using the boho kimono?

This boho kimono is ideal for use in any type of event or time of day. Whether for home or when you go to party, boho kimono will become an extension of yourself. In addition to highlighting your style boho chic, kimono helps you protect your skin from the harmful effects of the weather. In this way, You can keep your skin healthier and longer.

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