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Kimono Boho with watercolor drawing



Let everyone admire you as if you were a work of art thanks to this wonderful boho kimono print.

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Let the art to flow through your body! This boho kimono is a work of art in itself that is completed as you put it. Its simple but striking style will print that whenever you go out with him, everyone turns to see.

This boho kimono is made of polyester 100%, It is making it very durable and wear it all day letting post without problems. Thanks to its freshness and softness, It is ideal for use during spring, summer and autumn to protect the skin. In addition, It has a beautiful print made from a drawing in watercolor.

Let the boho chic aesthetic inundate your life

Thanks to boho chic you can expand your wardrobe with a more bohemian style. In this way, You can combine your kimono with a large number of tops, sweaters, sweaters, tec. without problem. So you get incredible results visually by becoming the center of attention.

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Leaves everyone surprised with your boho kimono

Amazes with boho kimono

Become a work of art

Leaves everyone surprised

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