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Kimono Boho Chic Floral



Protect your skin with this lovely boho chic kimono. Its beautiful floral print with their tassels surprise all.

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Thanks to the explosion and mix of East and West have the new boho fashion kimonos. Dazzling when you leave home with this boho kimono.

This wonderful open kimono has a three-quarter sleeve. In addition it is finished in small tassels that run through the end of the kimono.

The new sense of boho kimonos

Eastern culture has had a continued boom since the nineties. Thereafter we saw trends that everything oriental drew attention. Since then a large number of designers have tried to combine both worlds, both East and West, thus obtaining precious garments. Among the different garments created, certainly the most successful have been the kimonos. Its ease and simplicity make the garment kimono star to protect the skin and avoid most of the harmful effects of the sun.

Find out what model floral kimono is yours


Surprise everyone with your figure

Let your boho kimono look round

Surprise everyone with your boho kimono


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