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Kimono Boho Chic Floral with carp and Moon



Become a work of art thanks to this fabulous chic boho kimono. As you put it, all eyes will be on you.

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This summer let yourself see your boho chic floral kimono. As you go out to the street with him, everyone will be amazed by its beautiful finish.

The kimono is made with acrylic fabric, polyester and cotton. Thanks to the combination of the three, we get a very strong kimono, which we can take anywhere with us. In addition, you will enjoy unsurpassed smoothness that will make you feel like a second skin will wrap.

Thanks to its open style, This kimono has no buttons and takes half sleeves 3/4 with a large amplitude. In this way, you can move freely without any problem and of enjoying your day.

Boho chic kimono as a work of art itself

This kimono wearing a lovely pattern on its surface evoking Japanese paintings and portraits. In this way, It has a large number of flowers, focusing on her back in a tent show jumping at night to the moon.

Choose the chic boho kimono model that best suits you

Protect your skin with our chic boho kimono

Everyone will be surprised by your kimono

Give a twist to your wardrobe with this chic boho kimono

Discover your inner chic with this kimono

Let all fascinated with this chic boho kimono



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