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Kimono Boho Chic with Mandalas Pattern



This summer combines the East and West with this lovely boho chic kimono and Stop all marveling!

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Unleash the rage among your friends, family and familiar with this famous Kimono Boho Chic. Its beautiful pattern on a blue background will make everyone notice you.

The dress is made in gauze. Its surface is covered with a bohemian stamped with mandalas organized so that they create a play of color and transparencies in the latest fashion. In addition, her stockings wide sleeves allow you to move smoothly.

Discover the boho chic fashion kimono

Increasingly fashion tends to gather worlds. In this case the boho kimono are a union between East and West through time. On the one hand we have the kimono. Such garments have existed in history from the V century in Japan. In the early twentieth century began to surjir A view looking towards the east and the designers of the time they were devoted to combine both worlds in one. Thus began the journey of the kimono around the world.

Moreover we designs and prints boho chic. This bohemian grunge style and drinks especially the hippie era where these designs greatly popularized. Nowadays, in our look back, we see that gradually the ideology of peace and love pervade the world again. That is why bohemians prints resugir hard again.

Although Parez concerned two different worlds, boho chic kimono achieve both worlds together in a single garment. So we have a combination of history and tradition with another conjunction of transgression and rebellion. It is for this reason that every time most famous fashion join these beautiful kimonos.

Awesome Luce wherever you go with this beautiful kimono and surprises everyone!

Enjoy your boho kimono

Boho chic your kimono and you feel this summer sereis


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