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Kimono Boho Chic Lace and Fringes


Protect your skin on days with more sun or wind through this beautiful boho chic kimono. Like this, your skin will always be smooth and soft.

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When we left home and we weather, our skin may suffer. Or strolling on the beach, shoulders, arms, back and neck receive a large amount of solar radiation. In addition, when it's windy, sand particles can scratch our skin. To avoid any problems while we enjoy the outdoors without discomfort, we bring you this lovely boho chic kimono.

Boho chic clothing kimono

This kimono is made of lace. The top is finished by open borders, while the bottom of the kimono is finished by feathering, and delving into his boho chic aesthetic. The sleeves are three quarters and fell on its side is greater than in the back or forward.

This chic boho kimono is available in one size with a total length of 70cm. Your bust measurement is 140cm and 54cm sleeve measures.

Surprise everyone with this lovely boho chic lace kimono

Everyone will be amazed by this boho kimono lace


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