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Kimono Boho with Tassels



Let everyone admire you with this beautiful kimono boho. Its strong bohemian trend makes it a reflection of your person himself.

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Protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and prevent you from drying out thanks to this boho kimono. Bohemian style is ideal to combine with all kinds of garments.

This kimono is made of rayon, thus giving you a great softness. You feel like a second skin protects you! In addition to its long-waisted, It has three-quarter sleeves around the kimono by a lace pendant tassels being finalized.

The boho kimono is a garment that should not miss in your wardrobe

The boho-chic style has taken over a part of fashion. Hundreds of people around the world fans are declared garments reminiscent somewhat bohemian, hippies and grunge. The level is such, it has reached massive trade stores as both summer trend, and winter. Wide leg pants, dresses, blouses and skirts loose, ripped shorts, flowers as prints and eyeglasses, etc. They are all part of the style, where there is a basic garment that managed to stand out above the rest. It is the Kimono Boho. We have already seen this for some seasons, but without any doubt, It is stronger than ever.

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Surprise everyone with your beautiful kimono

Leaves everyone speechless with your boho chic kimono

All will be amazed with your boho kimono

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