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Kimono Boho Arabesque with tassels



Get look more retro and vintage kimono with this boho arabesque. Their union of two cultures creates an incredible visual impact.

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You do not know what to wear to protect your skin from the scorching sun, wind or cold? The boho kimonos are an ideal way to protect all of them so that your skin does not suffer.

This is done in a kimono 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex. Thus the high strength achieved kimono. In addition, its wide three-quarter sleeve lets you stay cool at all times.

How to get a boho chic look

Arabesques kimonos are unique to give a relaxed look, volatile and vintage outfits. Whether on a pair of shorts with a basic polera, or on a more elaborate set, the use of the kimono has become a way to give a special touch to an outfit. A pair of boots, shorts at the waist, one crop top and a tribal kimono is almost the representative of Boho style banner.

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