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Bedding with Mandala Pattern Rosa



Give your bed a twist with this game bed. Everyone amazed with mandala pattern!

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Sometimes we want to give a different touch to our room, and with this game we can get bed. Thanks to its beautiful stamped with a mandala at its center, easternmost and get a bohemian touch. In this way, all visitors to see your room will remain astonished.

This bedding set is made of microfibers. Thus we obtain a highly breathable fabric that does not accumulate moisture or sweat, together with a high resistance. In addition, The game consists of two pillowcases with duvet cover.

Give an oriental touch to your home with this set of bed

For some years to here, Oriental theme is increasingly in vogue in fashion. A large number of designs and garments have been made in his image and likeness. Thanks to this bedding set, You also can give a more oriental touch thanks to the mandala shaped pattern that looks on its surface.

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Let the whole world stunned with your new bed set



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