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Statuette Zen garden with Circular


Recreate your own zen garden thanks to this wonderful dish. With it you can create your own place of peace and tranquility anywhere.

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Zen gardens are a way to relax and unwind. By creating our own zen garden, We create our microcosm of order in which they feel calm. Also you are seeing our Zen garden you will feel peace and relaxation. This way you can meditate without problems. In addition, will serve to create a more exotic atmosphere without leaving your own style.

This Zen garden consists of a ceramic plate of 23cm with 1.8cm high diámtetro, and a figurine 8cm high and a rake bamboo which form the figures in the sand. In addition, its small cauldron will let you put incense to burn in order to enjoy a pleasant scent.

Where to place our zen garden?

You can place your zen garden where best suits you. In the office, in your house, on a terrace, etc. Any place is suitable so that we can benefit from all its positive aspects. Set it and sort your garden like you may command your spirit.

Create your own haven of peace and tranquility in our Zen garden

Let your spirit flow into your zen garden

Make your own area anywhere quiet

Relax and take it easy thanks to the Zen garden



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