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Zen Buddhist garden with Incense Burner


Create your own space of peace and calm in your home or work grace this zen garden incense burner.

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More and more people decide to meditate at home or at work to avoid accumulating stress and thus get rid of it. To do this we bring this little Zen Buddhist garden including an incense burner and aromatherapy. In this way, we can put our incenses or favorite scents so enjoy its aroma and better able to meditate. With this set, it will be easy to create your own relaxation zone on the go.

What does the package incense burner?

The set consists of a tray of 35.5cm long x 13cm wide you can fill sand. This way you can create your own mini Zen garden. In addition, It includes 4 figures. The first is a figure of Buddha meditating. The second is a pot of incense. We can put sand on it to our liking to nail the incense or leave it loose so that it will consume. Finally we have two shaped support lotus flower in which we can put our scented candles.

Let peace and calm come to you with Zen garden incense burner

Meditates calm thanks to this incense burner


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