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Japa Mala Buddhist 108 accounts



Be at peace while reciting your mantras through this bad Buddhist who has 108 about his accounts.

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The number 108 is a recurring number in Buddhist. For many it is a sacred number and so, to meditate and recite the mantras, They decide to keep track to reach 108. That is why in this Buddhist japa mala we wanted to create with 108 thus achieving a mala beads. Thus always to meditate can use it to keep track of how many mantras you've sung.

Let yourself be enthralled by this great Buddhist japa mala

This japa mala consists of different accounts grouped, among which the glass, in lapislázuli, amazonite and agate. This stone work synergistically to help in meditation and everyday. Thus we have the amazonita helps relax, lowering fear, anger and negative energy. Lapis lazuli helps free us from stress so we can relax and be in peace and harmony. Agate helps balance the energy in our body. To be balanced, we will feel more peaceful and calm.

Surprise everyone with this pendant bad Buddhist

This Buddhist pendant 108 accounts will help you calm down and relax

Go with peace with this Buddhist pendant

This pendant 108 accounts will help you meditate

Help yourself with this pendant in your Buddhist meditation sessions


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